Get Involved with Meon Valley Liberal Democrats

The local Liberal Democrats rely on ordinary local residents to achieve their success in the area. There are many different ways in which you can get involved:

Join the Liberal Democrats


  • Unlike the other political parties, the Lib Dems cannot rely on big business or the trade unions for its funding, and so all of campaigns are paid for by members and supporters of the party. By joining the party you are not expected to become active in the party, unless you wish to be, but you will be kept more up to date with what the party is doing both locally and nationally, and it makes sure the party is financially secure to keep working for the local area.

Help to Deliver Leaflets


  • The Liberal Democrats believe that keeping in touch with the local community and asking for their feedback is crucial in representing the area effectively. All leaflets are delivered by volunteers who support the party. An average round is about 100 leaflets, taking about an hour to deliver every 4-6 weeks.

Displaying a Poster at Election Time


  • Posters are an important reminder to local residents that an election is on and that there is strong support for the Liberal Democrats. Quite simply, the more posters there are, the more votes the party gets. The best posters are those on a stick in the front garden, but if you don't have a garden then you can also have a poster for your window.

Help on Polling Day

Ballot Box

  • A lot of supporters who cannot give time regularly will help on polling day. There are lots of jobs to be done, ranging from sitting at a polling station taking the polling number of those who go in to vote, to knocking on the doors of Liberal Democrat supporters to remind them to go and vote.

How to Get Involved

Join the Liberal Democrats

Get involved Locally