Meon Valley Prospective Parliamentary Candidate chosen

February 11, 2015 9:15 PM
By Meon valley liberal democrats

Chris Carrigan

The Executive Committee are pleased to announce our candidate for the forthcoming general election Chris Carrigan.

Chris is an experienced expert in business strategy and transformation. For a large part of his career he was a partner at world leading management consultancy Accenture. Before taking his current position at Marks and Spencer he worked for three years at Oxfam on international governance and humanitarian strategy. Chris also has a broad range of campaigning and political experience from serving for eight years as a local councillor and roles on the boards of Unlock Democracy and the Electoral Reform Society.

Chris cares passionately about creating a fairer society and the stronger economy needed to support it. He believes in fixing problems and gets to the root causes of those problems. He is active in political reform because he believes many of the country's problems are the result of a broken politics that is crippling our democracy.
He points to the housing issues in Meon Valley as an example of how politics is failing to deliver what people want. We need new housing to help grow the economy and provide homes for our young people. But builders are often more interested in profit than in providing well designed affordable housing, valuable green spaces and key services. We have a choice about the type of houses that are built, where they are built and the schools, roads, and other services which people need. These are political choices and it is the work of strong Westminster politicians and local councillors to get those choices right. Choices that turn development sites into real communities that can flourish and grow.

Far too often in our current political system it is the vested interests that win over what people want. If elected for Meon Valley Chris will be tireless campaigner at Westminster and locally for a better future, with a stronger economy and a fairer society.